Jenny Mills’ Tips for Kitchen Design



Fresnaye Pool Apartments’ Kitchen – Featuring a long concrete cantilever and overlooking the Atlantic Seaboard. This house is published in Habitat Nov/Dec – Click here to see the articl

Jenny Mills Architects is above all an architecture firm, but the building, the house, cannot become a home without the interior. Thus, as a general rule of thumb JMA is in charge of everything that won’t ‘fall out’ if the house is turned upside down and we pride ourselves on taking special care when designing these spaces as they bring a coherence to whole design process. An example of this is the kitchen – no onekitchen will ever be the same as no one family is ever the exactly the same. Jenny has intense design sessions with the clients and learns how they like to operate their in their space and then designs according to those specific needs. Her passion for these details was amplified after her trip to Milan this year where craftsmanship and materials in kitchens evoke the senses and remind us that design is not only visual – it needs to be experienced. (See further specific examples of this from her Milan trip by clicking here) and see below for a few tips for kitchen design which was published in Real Estate Magazine 

RECIPE FOR SUCCESS” (Real Estate Magazine – July 2016 pg. 34)


ANALYSE AND ORGANISE TRAFFIC ROUTES. It’s important to understand how your family uses the kitchen. Ensure the chef’s traffic route is separate, as well as those for family members in charge of the snacks, sides or salads. Peripheral activities can spread out.

LEFT- OR RIGHT-HANDED? The way you organise the work surface for cooking or washing areas will be improved once this key factor is taken into account.

SMALLER APPLIANCES. Ask the right questions about how appliances are used and stored. Juice extractors, mixers and coffee-makers can be decorative objects in their own right and so some may like to have them on display. Others prefer to hide them away.

DON’T DOUBT THE TRIANGLE. The old rule of thumb works.

NEVER MAKE A KITCHEN TOO BIG! This means stretches between stations are too far away. Make sure the chef doesn’t have to walk long distances between key prep and cooking areas.


The new living room is the Kitchen – This lovely fresh kitchen is from our Yzerfontein project


Bulthaup Monoblock in our Alphen Court House – Allows for such efficient use of space












Dramatic dark timber with white walls in our Fresnaye Villa Project (Left). Royal blue and black in our funky Welgedacht project (middle) and an organic shaped kitchen with bright colours and class at Head Road Glamour