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Photography. An art form that is ever conscious of light. It is the art of light and the playfulness of shadows, ideas that are intricately linked to the design process. These images by photographer Rob […]

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Our latest lighting inspiration comes from South African design studio, Mema Designs, who use woven aluminium mesh fabric to create astonishing pieces of lighting art. Business partners Ari Geva and Sian Eliot’s work has been […]

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As we welcome the winter rains, there is no doubt that the topic of water (and its conservation) remains firmly in our minds. During the previous severe drought we designed a house that utilised filtered […]

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Winter in Cape Town. The play of light at this time of year is mesmerising. Welcome collections of water can be found throughout the city and surrounds. Pools, streams and dams mirror images of our […]

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Cape Town is beautiful and bold in the face of adversity – keep on coming here! Our newsletter focus this month is to hail the efforts and commitment of so many people towards keeping Cape Town away […]

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Our new lodge is nestled in Cederberg, a place of great beauty and natural, historical significance. Below we share visuals of what this carefully designed lodge will look like. A sneak peek at the on-site […]

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 In July 2017, devastating wildfires wreaked havoc on large areas of the Eden District along South Africa’s beautiful Garden Route, particularly in and around Knysna. This […]

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Water, The New Normal – Tony Weaver

Today we feature a beautifully written piece written by Tony Weaver. A close friend of ours that has always shown great support and has contributed to some of our magazine features in the past. How […]

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We Can Beat Day Zero

At JMA we take water saving and Day Zero very seriously. We have come across some really great tips and life hacks to make saving water and achieving the target of 50l per person per […]

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Choice Revival

Following our previous newsletter, we would like to share with you the link to our current feature in the January / February 2018 Habitat Magazine. There is still a little bit of time left to […]

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Intimate Spaces

All designers need some inspiration and for us one of those point of references is Christian Liaigre, We therefore refer to ‘intimate spaces’ as part of our month of love as well as showcase […]

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Design Indaba Conference 2018

Experience the world’s leading creative currency that’s driving design for a better world with Design Indaba’s iconic annual conference. The Design Indaba conference, taking place from 21-23 February 2018, is going beyond design to create […]

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Seasonal Design: Patios and Gardens

As spring time rolls in and the last bit of winter keeps our gardens looking lush, take a look at some of our hand-picked patio and garden inspiration from previous projects. Award Winning Beach House […]

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Mauritian Inspirations

Recently in and around the Grande Baai area – Mauritius Coming from Cape Town, the profusion of water in lush frog filled expanses soothed our drought sensitive minds. In between the swathes of Resorts and […]

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Artist Showcase: Heino Schmitt

We have recently been introduced to Heino Schmitt. Some of you might recognise the name since he is better known as a performing artist and presenter, however he has great talent as a creator inspired […]

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Habitat Architecture ’18

Look out for issue 263 January / February the Architecture ’18 edition. We are proud to be included – and on the cover – of this beautifully crafted print leader in design. For decades in […]

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Cederberg Lodge

In early 2017 we were approached by a client (a family) to collaborate on a lodge in the Cederberg. Our brief – to work closely with them on the design. To provide inspiration and also […]

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Tips and Ideas: Water-wise everyday living

As summer is in full swing, and unfortunately our water crisis seems to be looming, we have decided to dedicate this month’s issue to being water-wise and sustainable design methods where saving water has been […]

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Feature Friday: Kapa Tee

We have recently made a point of looking for new and exciting places around Cape Town to take a breather and feel inspired. Our most recent trip was to the loveliest little tea shop in […]

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Shopping Trends: Keeping it local

There is so much talent blooming in South Africa, all across the retail and shopping spectrum. If you are a fan of shopping local, we recommend you take a look at Design Store. An online […]

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