Set on the Fresnaye slopes of Lion’s Head, this house has a strong visible presence as one approaches along Ocean View Drive. Powerful organic shapes and strong rock formations dominate. The feeling of the mountain shapes and the curve of the coastline were part of the inspiration for the shapes of the house. The existing house had to be reworked to synthesise and harmonise its shapes.

The original house had no direct link with the mountain: the opportunity to have these special views as well as access from Head Road, created the case for re-modeling the entire entrance. This enabled the new penthouse - and indeed the rest of the house - to open up to the mountain and its spectacular views. 

The original top level had severe structural constraints and had to be demolished. With careful planning, the existing shapes of the house were worked into a sculptural new façade that sits in harmony with the natural environment. The clients both love an open feeling and wanted the entrance off Head Road to feel open and inviting.

The penthouse living area has proven to be highly successful. It is a space the clients particularly enjoy. This living area is a seamless structure with limited slender supports and wide glass sliding doors, completely integrating it with the outstanding views. When the doors are open, the boundaries between interior and exterior disappear.

Online Features - Jan Feb 2013 Mag Feature
Photography: Greg Cox, Rob Mills  
Photography Styling: Kate Boswell



Head Road Glamour


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