Mauritian Inspirations

Recently in and around the Grande Baai area - Mauritius Coming from Cape Town, the profusion of water in lush frog filled expanses soothed our drought sensitive minds. In between the swathes of Resorts and luxury Estates the simple old-style Mauritius continues. We, however were on a short resort holiday and so share a few experiences.


Le Canonnier

This historic peninsular with its articulated coastline creates a meandering experience filled with surprises. A rocky outcrop into the sea leads one’s eye over the Indian ocean and North Islands to idyllic beaches. Then back onto exquisite gardens with the ancient Banyan Tree and old fortifications.

The original design and placement of the buildings – done 30 years ago remains largely unchanged. At the time, much of this placement was done on site in response to views and the experiences of this special peninsular. 

In the recent refurbishment lime washed or distressed surfaces evoke casual barefoot beach living. Timber, Thatch simple white walls in rough and smooth plaster. Rattan Screens and furniture reminiscent of Mauritian basket weaving tradition reinforce pattern and texture of palm fronds and tropical plants.

Furnishing and accessories are sophisticated, well-constructed and relaxed. There are light-hearted vivid green links to the garden, turquoise and blue reflections of the sea throughout. Screens made from boat oars and artwork scenes also reinforce the location.