Artist Showcase: Heino Schmitt

We have recently been introduced to Heino Schmitt. Some of you might recognise the name since he is better known as a performing artist and presenter, however he has great talent as a creator inspired by beauty. We feel inspired by his energy and creativity, also represented and reflected in the unique furniture pieces that he has designed and created. Follow the link,, where you will experience his brand, Heino Schmitt Design (HSD) which consists of a range of bespoke, handmade, functional art furniture. High quality raw materials (wood, steel, driftwood, copper, brass and leather) are used to create once off design pieces, with an occasional touch of found objects. Each HSD piece is unique and gets individually coded tracking with a story it tells. It will inspire and challenge the appreciators to think, explore and expand their perceptions. One of the exhibits,, where he has been shortlisted by Southern Guild founders, Trevyn and Julian McGowan, demonstrates the quality of exceptional work.

We are very excited for the prospects of future collaboration.