An Update from the Milan – “Designing is Listening”

Jenny has been in Milan since Monday  (11th of April) The trip is going so well, exploration, inspiration and well… doing as the Italians do…!

Jenny says: The main Milan fair is maybe less than 1/10 of what happens here over this week. It’s an interesting version x 20 of CTICC so lots of big halls of highly articulated exhibits. There are many other events interlinked in different ways in and around the city. In the Brera design district the theme that resonates with me is ” designing is listening”  to quote Christian Confalonieri and Paulo Casati – “We live in a complex society. The debate and exchange of views is the order of the day. The idea of common good is going through huge changes and finding ones way of being in the world is getting more and more difficult. Listening which is not a synonym of passivity and laziness as some might think is the highest expression of human activity because it helps us capture the complexity of reality. It is exactly to listening that Brera district will dedicate it’s 7th edition, as now more than ever ” Designing is Listening”” and further to speak of listening in design education “listening also highlights the didactic and educational power of good design. While it is true the a good teacher is someone able to imagine what a person could become even before it happens, a good designer ( in any field) can see how the world will be through his work. Thanks to that, research and listening are deeply interconnected”

old architecture

The incredible old architecture and buildings…

old and new

The old architecture combined with the new… Milan stays current and trendy but has such a rich heritage


The fashion and innovative treats (yes… they are shoes made out of chocolate!!!)


…and of course the incredible exhibitions at the Salone del Mobile and all around the city. The innovation, trends and craftsmanship is unbelievable.

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