“The World is a Mosaic”


We would like to introduce you a company that takes our general idea of what a mosaic is and turns it into something we could never even have imagined – SICIS – they do sculptures, light fittings, glass work, jewelry … and everything is a work of art. SICIS is based in Ravenna, all their work is manufactured and produced there and is, therefore, 100% made in Italy but luckily it is available all over the world.

We, as Jenny Mills Architects are looking at building relationships with them and other companies in Italy and Europe. This is for us to benefit from their innovation, wealth of design, craftsmanship and quality products (as Jenny experienced first-hand in Milan) and to make their products more accessible to clients in South Africa

Roberto Mazzanovich is the export area manager for our region from SICIS contact us if you would like to get in touch with him or click here to see their website and catalogs.