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Jenny Mills Architects is a practice with a reputation for high quality design and detailing. They won a prestigious award from the Cape Institute of Architects in 2007 and were selected to custom-design this major, high-end renovation in Franschhoek. The brief was to create order on the building facades and clarify and simplify the internal and external spaces.

THE FRANSCHOEK LIFESTYLE: A highly enviable commodity of the Western Cape, is one that offers its residents the finest of choices, with the result that this charming little village is home to many talented, sophisticated and equally charming inhabitants.

Set in the heart of this quaint village is this gorgeous home, previously the typical home advertised for its dire need of tender love and care. A pair of dynamic locals, who are also investment specialists, made this fortuitous discovery and transformed it into a stunning country residence. Surrounded by houses typical of the Huguenot settler era, the home adds to the area's abundant and fascinating architecture and cultural heritage, and stands proud and independent in its central village position.

The front of the house features a veranda of generous proportions, decorated in exquisite finery to provide a sumptuous feeling of luxury and tranquility. The uninterrupted flow onto the open garden and pool areas ads another dimension to the fine architectural design of the home.

The elegant exterior street-facing facade reflects a classic contemporary impression of bygone eras, not forgotten but delicately waiting to be admired and appreciated. The owners wisely appointed the finest professionals to complete this challenging renovation project, where the large majority of the original footprint was demolished.

The architect who was appointed with this unique renovation project, Jenny Mills, says: "A simple central circulation and view axis is set within symmetrical, ordered spaces." She notes that there is an established dynamic indoor/outdoor relationship and that the exterior and interior of the building have been reduced to sophisticated, elegant proportions with understated mouldings and details creating a consistent and coherent feel throughout."

Of the construction project, Otto Rail Mr Handy Builder Construction says the the complete set of detailed plans provide by the architect ensured a positive experience that produced a perfectly executable and successful end result.

The elegant interior design and decor representative of the discerned preference of its owners - this home is a truly beautiful masterpiece.

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