This home is set in the dense urban Cape streetscape of popular Bantry Bay and has shafts of sea views that appear through slots in the beachfront high-rise. The brief was to have a family holiday home with lots of space for extended family visits and entertainment. The core of the ground floor was retained while substantial changes were made to the entertainment spaces. The liveability was accentuated by enhancing the connection to the pool and terrace area. The internal living spaces were reconfigured to limit wall clutter, a comfortable, generous flow of spaces was created, and a lift was installed. 

The focus on the house was naturally directed toward the views and the corner treatment defines the feeling of contemporary openness. The simple device of having slender balcony slabs causes the corner to “float” effortlessly. The corner stair window is a feature from within and without, and slides the circulation up the house with the rooms being stacked around the rear. The lightness and sweeping nature of this area reflect on the dynamic flow of the plan, resulting in a house with an essence that resonates throughout the design.

The finishes and interior have a fun “bling” feel. This contemporary urban Cape home is a hit with family and friends and is used with gusto.

In Print features:  Habitat Jan/Feb 2012   Garden & Home Nov. 2010 | Photography: Rob Mills,  Greg Cox | Styling: Kate Boswell