This home is set in the magical and unspoilt Auas Berg south of the Namibian capital, Windhoek. Designed for the founder of the Tranquility Eco Estate – a busy figure in local and international mining - it was built to be a welcoming home for an extensive network of family and friends. At its heart is uniquely Namibian tranquillity which fluently speaks the language of the site and the country.

The estate comprises properties of 12 hectares or larger with strict guidelines governing building colour, aesthetics and the preservation of the natural landscape. Natural bush comes right up to the houses. Private courtyards or small, contained werf-style gardens are permitted.

Natural rock from the site was used on the stone walls, and the external terraces are also natural rock or decking. The landscape is truly inspiring and constantly changes as the sky creates endless plays of light and colour. The house opens up and steps outwards in wide gestures to allow the landscape to travel through the interior spaces. Walls create a feeling of shelter, balancing the open feeling.

Time was spent carefully walking over the original, pristine site. An existing tree became host to the entry courtyard and this space is a key visual point throughout the house. A close friend had the “king door” made in Kenya with the word shalom carved in it. This not only means peace but also completeness, wholeness, well-being, and welfare.

Sustainable timber works of friends who are artists, and aerial photographs of Namibia and Etosha – (the client is also a pilot) - all make for a well-grounded feel. This project is a work of the heart.

Photography: Jenny Mills & Chris Rumbell