The transformation of this Clifton residence into the Suspended Clifton Apartment was an interesting journey. The residence had undergone a previous makeover which was aimed at creating views through the eradication of beams and columns that were originally installed in 1926. 

This second makeover involved the challenge of turning the old apartment into a modern, minimalist, cutting-edge residence. It included the demolition of the old patio area overlooking Clifton to incorporate it into the living space, and engineering a new deck that would cantilever out over the ocean. The entire front of the residence now consists of frameless, stackable floor-to-ceiling glass doors, which when open create wide access to the cantilevered patio which in turn is laid with large slabs of white marble. This enhances the extraordinary view while creating the effortlessly weightless feel of the balcony. Glass balustrades offer unimpeded views.

The minimalist interior involves a fusion of textures and tones: the designer decided to relax her typically structured interior signature and chose an ‘eco-chic’ look in the form of furniture and sculpture to match the internal architecture. The master bedroom and adjoining shower and bathroom resemble a small boutique hotel suite and were designed to include the views, and yet offer privacy. The overall result is an extremely space-effective design which at the same time creates a feeling of spacious luxury.

In Print Features: Habitat March / April 2010  May / June 2012 | Photography: Elsa Young