Nestled in the sensitive slopes of the Clifton Bungalow area, the Clifton Beach cottage interacts delicately with its surroundings. It forms part of the picturesque Clifton beach landscape and offers secluded beach living.  With the preservation of the existing environment being a key factor, the architect and client worked together to create a building that responded sensitively to its environment. The use of the site with its gentle presence is of value and unusual in Clifton which was achieved through a series of carefully articulated design decisions.

The building is embedded in its site, it is visible as a subtle change in textures and shapes. The roof shapes step back and the different sections are tiered to ensure only one or two profiles are visible. The scale and height of the building are perceived as a low scale bungalow/simple beach cottage of one storey, yet it has three storeys. The landscaping is integral to its quiet, hidden presence. Fringe planting blurs boundaries from a distance or when walking on footpaths. The materials and finishes of the house are natural and have been considered and carefully chosen to weather into the landscape over time. There are no light exterior colours and the warm natural tones, timber cladding and timber shingle roof texture blend the house into the environment.

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