This Clifton Beach cottage was one of the early sites to be built on Third Beach and thus had a quintessentially low-key Clifton Bungalow character. However, old age had set in, and this sadly called for its demolition and allowed a fresh start. It was decided that the original core would be rebuilt so as to nostalgically maintain the building’s charm.

The clients brought a well-tuned eye to maximising small spaces as they have had experience with this in London. It is a small home, but spaces have been shifted and fine-tuned to get the best possible spatial configuration.

These spaces are open and they live comfortably onto the views and the garden. The front garden has generous beach frontage and a pool/deck space. The roof is a simple barn structure with clipped on portions. Light from roof lights supplements the rear and darker parts of the house. There was an existing granite boulder that was incorporated and built into two of the bathrooms. The finishes are unique and interesting, including Bisaza-like mosaic tiles, cedar shower floor planks, recycled Oregon flooring and rietdak ceiling. Inspired by some of Christian Liagre’s lazy, homely interiors, the finishes are simple and have a rustic sense while still being stylish.

Photography: Rob Mills