JMA Virtual

jma virtual

We constantly look at ways of improving our offering and keeping relevant. Our newest initiative is JMA Virtual. We plan to start an in house Virtual lab.  Realistic 3d representation of buildings, animated videos, digital walk-throughs and drone fly overs.  An overall experience of the proposed space as opposed to just design drawings. We model our projects in REVIT which is BIM software – (Building Information Management) The building is always in 3 D. We are able to see any aspect of the building in 3d at any time. This is the next step. The Virtual experience.

JMA Virtual will provide better integration to the design process than the current “outsourced” way we work to get to get a virtual picture. It will also be more cost effective to our clients and better able to deliver the custom experience along with the custom design. We are really excited about this new dimension to our practice and will be gearing up over the next few months. Watch this space…

jma virtual2