Jenny Mills’ Tips for Pools and Patios

PATIO AND OUTDOOR LIVING – These are best when there is a grounded sense of space. Large expansive spaces are fine but the intimate seating arrangements are always the most popular. “Lapa” style built in seating around a fire next to or close to a Pool always work well. Whether designing with or without large spaces one needs to make a space that will make people comfortable to lounge, converse, eat or read. Views are wonderful - but even without a view a beautiful outdoor experiences can be created. Plants, water and the correct design can make small courtyard spaces very successful.

SIZE DOESN’T MATTER – A pool doesn’t need to a massive. Even a small splash pool or long thin lap pool will do the trick of cooling down and calming down

SIZE DOES MATTER – We have been lucky to indulge in some excessively large and wonderful Pools. The suspended Pool in Head Road is nothing short of spectacular as is the L shaped counterpoint to the Fresnaye Villa. We have to admit – (even tho its not cool given the water crisis) that we love large, long, wide interesting and deep pools that allow the whole family to play Marco Polo in, Dive Bomb, Swim some decent lengths in or simply have rows of cocktail sipping splendour.

MATERIALS – Pool edges can be hot and slippery. Chose carefully for aesthetics and practicality.

REFLECTION & GLARE – Water has special abilities like reflection – If used well it can mirror and repeat the beautiful setting around it – making the space feel bigger!... but be careful, if the pool is placed incorrectly it could reflect the sun and cause glare within the house.

DEFINE A SPACE – A pool can define a space or end a space (like a balcony or property) but is far more elegant than a wall or balustrade (see the way we’ve done this in our Welgedacht, Head Road and Fresnaye Villa projects)

CALMING EFFECT – The sound of water has a calming on us – a small water feature or fountain can change the mood of a space. The sound of water can also mask unpleasant sounds for example traffic.

ECO POOLS – We love the feel of fresh chlorine free water on our skin. This crystal clear water that you can drink tastes like the water from a mountain stream. And if you don’t mind the idea the idea of sharing your pool with the frogs and birds have a look at Eco pools. On their website: “Our dream is to eliminate sterile water imagine.. Millions of hectares of healthy aquatic ecosystems”