Dr Harald Lochotzke, a German project developer, walked into our office in 2015 and gave us the privilege of doing a little showcase project with him in Alphen Court. (you can see more of the project if you click here)

We so enjoyed working together and learnt so much for eachother, since then our relationship has become more of a collaboration and we are looking forward to the future. Harald is a remarkable person, exceptionally positive, always happy and kind. He is ambitious, has a doctorate in economics and has achieved significant success (see his projects in Germany below) but owes it to his 'can-do,' 'go-getter' attitude and a constant smile.

He says, very humbly, about his passion for building and enthusiasm about collaborating: “Each and everyone brings their own energy and ideas along which in turn influences the vision. The fascination of the project’s result is therefore unknown, even to me, until it’s completion.”