Inspired by colour and the views of the Atlantic Ocean the clients came to brief JMA and do a few whirlwind days shopping before heading back to Germany. A successful project was done by remote control and the clients entrusted us to manage the finances, contractor and most decisions. Love for Africa and Cape Town is clear as is the origins of the one-party being from Ecuador. The Cape Holiday home is in regular use and more so now after retirement from a busy Hamburg family business.

Client Comments:

Deutsch - Jenny Mills architects haben die komplette Renovierung und die Einrichtung unserer Wohnung in Seapoint übernommen. Die Organisation war absolut professionell . Wir wurden mit viel Geschmack und Gefühl fürs Detail beraten. Das gesamte Projekt lief ohne Probleme. Das war umso bemerkenswerter als wir über ein halbes Jahr die Arbeiten nur aus Deutschland begleiten konnten. Jenny Mills architects hat unser volles Vertrauen gewonnen. Wir können sie nur wärmstens empfehlen !

English - "Jenny Mills Architects took over the complete renovation and interior design and decor for our apartment in Sea Point. JMA is exceptionally professional. We were advised with the look and feel for the interior design and detail. The entire project ran smoothly, without any problems arising. What has been so remarkable is the fact that we were in Germany for more than half the year during the project duration. Jenny Mills has won our full confidence. We can only highly recommend her!"

Photography: Cara Val Photography