Our New Web Site!

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 5.16.45 PMHere it is: After months of procrastinating, thinking, planning, testing and trying stuff out… The old site was much loved and worked well but is built on a marvelous but aging platform which is no longer actively developed and is limited in its capability. A lot has happened in the on-line world since we built it. Our new site is modelled on an image album based structure which worked very well on the old site. It has a host of improved and more powerful features “under the hood”. Some of these are:

  • Integrated newsletter management
  • Integrated forms
  • Rich text formatting
  • Blog type content management
  • Mobile friendly
  • Integrated social media links
  • Better media and ¬†image management

The intention is to nurture a more blog-ish element with more frequently updated content channels: News, interesting, behind the scenes, projects in progress and in print.

The site makes use of what is known as adaptive technology which means it adapts its layout when viewed on small mobile devices. It also presents dynamic content such as slide shows and movies in a way that works on iPhones and iPads. Some of you may have noticed that flash based content does not work on these devices.

We would love to get feedback from you and any suggestions on what else you might like to see. Please use the “Location and contact” link under “CONTACT” to send feedback or reply to this email.

The projects section remains on the old site for now (one step at a time). Clients or members of a project team still have the same access to project pages exactly the way it was. We are investigating a more comprehensive on-line project management framework and will keep you posted. Please let us know if you have any ideas about how the on-line project facility could work better for you.

So the first thing we would like you to do as our friends crit group is to click the “edit your subscription” link at the bottom of this email and update your details. All the fields on our database are optional with the exception of an email address (obviously) If you have received this email then at least we have your email address right.

Looking forward to hearing from you…