Situated in the beautiful Franschhoek Winelands, the project involved a renovation of the existing house. The amount of light and spatial connections within the house needed to be improved. Along with this, quality outdoor living space needed to be designed and a connection established between the lower level garden and the home – this was done by introducing a raised terrace with the pool and stepped planters.

The internal configuration was rationalised.  Space ordering and connections were created by a strong cross-axis with views from the entrance through to the garden, and from the kitchen across the living room. The cramped entrance hall was demolished and a new staircase was constructed to create a light and elegant space which incorporates views through to the garden and water feature.

The clients are avid gardeners and had a beautiful kitchen vegetable garden built.  A substantial garden project is ongoing and a new workshop was built as a separate wing to the house. This beautiful workshop is extremely well-appointed and the meticulous ordering and arrangement of tools is an inspiration.

Photography: Rob Mills