Jenny Mills says: "Love for form and composition lies at the very heart of our work. We are artists on a quest to sculpt existing spaces in co-operation with nature. Our buildings are exciting and beautiful. They bring something both of ourselves and our clients into the world. We work in close partnership with our clients, focusing on their needs and stylistic preferences." 

Jenny's work has a strong contemporary signature which is not only evident in her work in this genre but is skillfully integrated into both classic and leisure designs to match her client's tastes.

"More than anything Jenny, your work is just so very beautiful. Again and again, I had to go back for a second and third look because of something I hadn't seen before." - comment from our website.

Jenny Mills graduated from the University of Cape Town (B.A.S.; B.ARCH.) and first distinguished herself as a young architect with Stefan Antoni. Jenny launched her own Cape Town based practice in 2003. Her work has been prominent in South Africa, particularly in the Western Cape, and highly regarded by discerning local and international clients. Her design solutions have been widely published and featured on television.

"I feel that the trend towards authenticity and handcrafted elements will grow."

- Jenny Mills


In 2007 Jenny was awarded the coveted Cape Institute of Architects Award for Architecture. This award is particularly highly regarded in the industry as it is an endorsement from her peers; other practising architects. The award was for her work on a Clifton Bungalow - a family beach house: A wood rich sculptural contemporary building sensitive to its context but free from style imitation.

Jenny Mills is a member of the S.A. Council for the Architectural Profession and the Institute for Architects.

Jenny Mills not only works with the structure and fittings of houses but is closely involved in their interiors. She has well-established ties to respected interior designers allowing a more comprehensive and integrated offering to clients. One such example is her work with interior designer Lisa Millbacher of Bespoke Bathrooms.

Our Process:
Every active project is allocated a specific space on the online projects site where clients and contractors are given a login account to access project information. This would include site photographs, drawings, minutes, samples and more. This is a comprehensive repository of project information kept in one space and accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. In a world of information overload where emails are rapidly buried and lost or forgotten it facilitates an easy and accurate reference resource. Notifications are sent to all concerned whenever new material is added.

How We Work


Architects should be sensitive to the responsibilities that come with the profession.

Jenny is mindful of the duties that accompany the creation of structures and says, “Architecture, creativity and art are very disciplined endeavours and draw heavily on personal and emotional resources. We can put something into the world – that is what we have to offer.”


We specialise in customised, crafted design, nothing is standard – everything is exceptional! Jenny has an intrinsic architectural technique, yet she is adept at collaborating with her clients, at establishing a design dialogue that ensures that their needs and desires are captured by the built form. Jenny has immense attention to detail and is a perfectionist who will ensure the quality of work. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty and will be on-site every week to give it special attention and make sure everything goes according to plan, to deal with any on-site complications ensuring the design is not compromised.


Our Architectural services include a full scope of works that will run from the design process through to construction and completion. This process would include:

  • Design based meetings where we work with you to create a design that suits your personal taste and needs.
  • Site Analysis - recommendations and studies
  • Conceptual development, renders and sketches
  • Drawings and sketches of room layouts, interior design and detail design drawings.
  • Appointing any necessary structural engineers, lighting specialists or building contractors etc
  • Applications to the council, council drawings and documentation
  • Acting as the principal-agent to manage and see the project through to completion.
  • All admin and contract documentation

Who We Work With

We at JMA are proud to work with a wide array of exceptional consultants, contractors, brands and publishing houses. All of which we have worked and collaborated with on various projects, however have also built longstanding working relationships within the built industry. Feel free to browse their information. You are also able to visit our Portfolio Project Page where you would also be able to see which of these consultants we have worked alongside per project.




Dr Harald Lochotzke, a German project developer, walked into our office in 2015 and gave us the privilege of doing a little showcase project with him in Alphen Court. (you can see more of the project if you click here)

We so enjoyed working together and learnt so much from each other, since then our relationship has become more of a collaboration and we are looking forward to the future. Harald is a remarkable person, exceptionally positive, always happy and kind. He is ambitious, has a doctorate in economics and has achieved significant success (see his projects in Germany below) but owes it to his 'can-do,' 'go-getter' attitude and a constant smile.

He says, very humbly, about his passion for building and enthusiasm about collaborating: “Each and everyone brings their own energy and ideas along which in turn influences the vision. The fascination of the project’s result is therefore unknown, even to me, until its completion.”